Chinese Communities in a Global Context

Beyond Borders and Boundaries

 Online Symposium, 19 December 2023

In our increasingly interconnected global landscape, the impact and influence of Chinese communities on the world stage have emerged as subjects of vital scholarly interest. This one-day online symposium aims to serve as a nexus for innovative thinking in this field. It showcases the work of nine carefully selected papers from early and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) across Australia, Asia, America, and Europe. This event promises to be a dynamic and enriching platform for intellectual discourse, illuminating the diverse perspectives and responses towards various Chinese communities worldwide.

I am interested in joining the discussion without presenting a paper. 

What should I do?

The presentations and discussions are open to the public. Interested EMCRs are particularly welcomed.

To obtain online access, please contact Ratih Kabinawa.

Program & Abstracts

Program Dec 19.pdf